It’s first thing in the morning and there is dew on your car’s windshield. While you are getting ready to drive to work, you quickly flip on the windshield wipers and the perfect beads of water are replaced by stripes of water that you can barely see through. It must be time for new windshield wipers.

The Basics

Visibility is vital to safe driving. During inclement weather, your windshield wipers can help you see clearly, which improves your safety and the safety of those around you.

Wiper blades have changed very little over the years aside from a few gimmicks. They have two parts:

  1. A rubber strip cut like a blade
  2. Metal and springs to hold the blade to the windshield

The rubber blade makes contact with the windshield and squeegees the water away from the windshield surface to improve your visibility.

Normal Wear

The life of a set of wiper blades can depend on weather conditions. In very warm climates, the rubber does not last as long because the sun hardens the rubber over time. When the rubber is hard, the wiper blade makes poor contact with the windshield surface.

What Can Go Wrong

Wiper blade materials can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Make sure to look for a name brand wiper blade to avoid a short-lived investment. Tuffy stores carry reliable brands that you can trust. Feel free to ask us about it the next time you visit.

Care and Maintenance

Since rubber degrades over time, we recommend getting your wiper blades inspected every 6 months. This will help you avoid the streaky windshield each morning.