Ken from Winter Garden asks: What brand of oil does Tuffy use? What are the key differences between the name brands?

Oil is made up of two components, the base oil and the additives. Additives are things like detergents to keep the engine clean. The base oil typically only varies between standard oil and synthetic oil. So the oil manufacturers use the same base oil for their synthetic blends across the board and the same base oil for all their standard oil blends. The additives and amount of additives determine the major differences between oil. The specific makeup of each oil blend is proprietary and typically not published to the public. All licensed motor oil is subject to standards, so make sure that the company that changes your oil uses up-to-date licensed oil. The Tuffy Orlando group uses only-up-to-date and licensed oil in all of our stores. The brands may vary from store to store but it is oil you can trust.

Please make sure to change your oil based on the manufacturer’s specifications. Oil can break down over time, which can reduce its ability to protect your engine.