Sharee of Orlando asks: If you keep rotating the tires on your vehicle, will the tires last longer?

Rotating your tires during the recommended intervals will increase tire life by evenly distributing the wear.  Your front tires tend to wear more quickly because of the additional friction causes by turning the car.  The tires on your drive axel (front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive) may also wear a little more rapidly due to unintended (or intended) spinning of the wheels.  This tends to not happen as much with the new all-wheel drive systems.  Another thing to consider is the alignment of your wheels.  Improperly aligned wheels will wear the tire tread unevenly.  So, it is just as important to keep your car in good alignment.

Your tires should be rotated every 6,000 miles or every two oil changes.  Your alignment should be checked and corrected every 15,000 or every 12 months.