Why Is My Check Engine Light On?

January 30, 2022

The Check Engine Light strikes fear into the hearts of some Clermont drivers, and is totally ignored by just as many. Just what it means is a mystery to most people. Let's get the urgency issues out of the way first. If your Check Engine light is flashing, that means that something is wrong that... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy North Clermont: Serpentine Belt Tensioner

January 23, 2022

The serpentine belt tensioner applies pressure to the serpentine belt, maintaining optimal tension to drive the accessories like the alternator and A/C compressor. At Tuffy North Clermont we know that the service life of the belt tensioner is the same as the belt itself, so they should always be ... More

Do you have a Clue (Get the Most Out of a Service Visit)

January 16, 2022

When you head to the doctor, you probably have it in your mind what you're going to say about why you don't feel good. That way your doctor can use that information to diagnose your problem. You might want to think of that same approach when you take your vehicle in for a repair. Experts say wha... More

The Tuffy North Clermont Guide to Saving Fuel: Get Rid of Dirty Oil

January 9, 2022

A lot of us drivers are asking ourselves the same question lately: how can we save on fuel? Clermont area residents are all cutting back, if not in fuel consumption, then in other areas of our lives. Preventive Maintenance Preventive maintenance is an important way people in Clermont can conserve... More

When You Hear the Crash in Clermont: What to Do After an Accident

January 2, 2022

Motorists in North America drive about 3 trillion miles/4.8 trillion kilometers every year. There are over 250+ million licensed drivers, and approximately 6.2 million accidents happen every year. Unfortunately, if we're going to drive vehicles, there are going to be accidents. Knowing what to do... More

Hey Clermont Drivers: How Do You Save Gas?

January 1, 2022

Higher Clermont fuel prices aren't going away any time soon. That's not good news for our wallets. A lot of Clermont drivers are trying to find ways to cut down on fuel consumption and hang on to some of their hard-earned money.North Americans drive billions of miles less during months of high fu... More